The effects of TB on farm

The impacts of bovine TB on a closed herd

Gloucestershire beef farmer Richard breeds his own replacement cattle which means he brings no cows into his herd from outside. But during a recent TB test, 19 animals tested positive for bovine TB. Find out what that meant for him and his animals.

The stress and cost of TB testing

There is much more to TB testing than the actual test itself. Hampshire farmer Ian talks about what's involved, from moving animals to the test location to the results.

A heart-breaking day on the farm

Gloucestershire farmer David had to have four of his cattle shot after they tested positive for bovine TB. He talks about this soul-destroying experience.

The impact of multiple positive test reactors

Dorset dairy farmer Paul had to come to terms with losing a quarter of his herd following a devastating TB test with 36 reactors. See his story.

Impact on calves and the future of the herd

Cornish dairy farmer Mark will have to have 14 calves, some just a couple of months old, destroyed after they tested positive for bovine TB. See the impacts this has on him and the herd.

A vet's perspective: Breaking the bad news

Vets facing TB in cattle have shared their experiences of the disease, explaining the impact it has on their professional lives and what it means for the farming families they work with so closely.

Emerging from a nine-year battle with TB

See what a clear bovine TB test means to a farmer who has been dealing with the disease on his farm for almost a decade.

Implementing measures to keep badgers and cattle apart

Warwickshire farmer Adam demonstrates some of the measures he's put in place to try to keep badgers and cattle apart.

The impact of bovine TB on a farming family

Rob's dairy farm has been battling bovine TB since 2005. The disease has spread to his 220-strong Friesian and cross-bred herd. Rob believes he will not be free of the disease until it is tackled in the badger population.

'What more can we do?' The orphan calf

Barry and Angela's farm was bovine TB free for seven years. Then, despite all of their precautions, one of the herd tested positive.

A farmer resigned to losing his herd

Mervin's farm has been shut down due to bovine TB. He is resigned to losing the rest of his 160-strong beef herd.

'On a knife edge': The emotional and alienating impacts on a farming family

Somerset dairy farmer Phil has lost 71 cows to bovine TB in 18 months. He explains what bTB has meant to his family business.