TB Free England

Bovine TB (bTB) devastates thousands of farming family businesses every year and tens of thousands of cattle are culled annually in England because of it. Find out more about bTB, its impact, and why we must use all available options to make England TB free.

 Cattle culled in England because of bovine TB since January 1 2008

'Badger-proof' farms and watchful farmers

In our latest TB Free England video, Warwickshire farmer Adam Quinney demonstrates some of the measures he’s put in place to keep badgers and cattle apart.

Adam Quinney biosecurity video screenshot x275, TBImproved badger-proofing is one of the many tools necessary to tackle bovine TB, alongside stringent movement controls, cattle testing and the pilot badger culls planned for Somerset and Gloucestershire later this year.

“The whole purpose of what we’re trying to do on our farm is to try and stop interaction between badgers and cattle, so that if one is diseased it doesn’t give it to the other,” said Adam.

“Bit by bit we’re improving our biosecurity, but there is no single answer to TB – it’s about an array of answers.”

You can find out more about how farmers are tackling the difficult problem of keeping wildlife and livestock from coming into contact in the FAQs section of the TB Free England website.