TB Free England

Bovine TB (bTB) devastates thousands of farming family businesses every year and tens of thousands of cattle are culled annually in England because of it. Find out more about bTB, its impact, and why we must use all available options to make England TB free.

 Cattle culled in England because of bovine TB since January 1 2008

TB Free video: Nick's nine-year battle with TB

Nick has been dealing with bovine TB on his organic farm in Derbyshire since 2004 and has had his business closed down several times.

Organic Derbyshire farmer Nick_275_154The first time his farm was hit by the disease he lost 26 cows – more than half of his herd.

“This herd has been a closed herd for nearly 25 years,” said Nick, whose family have owned the farm since 1968. “These cattle live a natural life out at grass.

“This is an organic farm and in spite of all I do to protect my cows by not buying other cattle in, by having secure boundaries so they can’t interact with other cattle, I can’t protect them from the disease because it comes in in wildlife.”

And Nick is not alone in having to deal with the impact of bovine TB.

“I saw a friend of mine last night. He’d lost a quarter of his herd – 600-odd cows – for the second time, it happened to him a few years ago,” he said.

The result of his latest TB test was good news for Nick. It was a clear test. He must now get another clear test in 60 days before he will be officially TB free and able to resume normal business.

Nick said: “We’ve had a clear test. We’ve had some very close readings that have passed so every time that happens you’re thinking ‘here we go, this is it’.

“You don’t know if it’s going to be one, a quarter, a half. Some people have all their cattle taken. It’s your livelihood.”