TB Free England

Bovine TB (bTB) devastates thousands of farming family businesses every year and tens of thousands of cattle are culled annually in England because of it. Find out more about bTB, its impact, and why we must use all available options to make England TB free.

 Cattle culled in England because of bovine TB since January 1 2008

Badger cull video reveals full bovine TB picture

A pilot badger cull could have been carried out any time between June 1 2013, and February 1, 2014.

On August 27, NFU President Peter Kendall wrote to members to say the process had begun.

More than 200,000 cattle have been slaughtered since January 2008 because of bovine TB.

The terrible disease is out of control and needs to be tackled now.

The burden on the public purse will be £1billion over the next 10 years if measures are not put in place immediately.

Farmers have been badger-proofing their farms for years, as up to one in three badgers have the infectious disease in bovine TB hotspots.

But it is very difficult to keep all of the nocturnal animals off farms as they are extremely persistent.

Farms are tested for the disease and any animals who are found to have it are sent to slaughter. The remaining herdis then restricted to the farm for at least 120 days and two clear bTB tests.

The impact on farms, the owners, the workers and their families, is devastating.

Vets and leading scientists agree that the disease must be tackled in wildlife, as well as on farms, if England is to get Official TB Free Status.