TB Free England

Bovine TB (bTB) devastates thousands of farming family businesses every year and tens of thousands of cattle are culled annually in England because of it. Find out more about bTB, its impact, and why we must use all available options to make England TB free.

 Cattle culled in England because of bovine TB since January 1 2008

Timeline: The history of tackling bovine TB

The history of tackling bovine TB in Great Britain

Bovine TB has been an important issue for the NFU since the organisation was founded in 1908. Find out more about the attempts that have been made to tackle the disease over the past 100 years - simply browse through our interactive timeline above.

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Click on each timeline post to read more about tackling bovine TB - and look out for the "more information" website addresses on some of the posts.

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Find out more on bovine TB and how it is being tackled today in our FAQs section.

And watch the videos of the stories of British farmers who are dealing with the terrible disease on a daily basis.