TB Free England

Bovine TB (bTB) devastates thousands of farming family businesses every year and tens of thousands of cattle are culled annually in England because of it. Find out more about bTB, its impact, and why we must use all available options to make England TB free.

 Cattle culled in England because of bovine TB since January 1 2008

Latest Defra TB statistics released

The latest monthly TB statistics have been released by Defra. The figures, which cover January 2015, show:

  • The provisional incidence rate for January 2015 was 3.9% compared to 4.5% for January 2014. However, Defra states that care needs to be taken not to read too much into short term figures, especially as this figure includes a number of unclassified incidents.
  • The number of new herd incidents in January 2015 was 494 compared to 534 in January 2014.
  • The number of cattle compulsorily slaughtered in January 2015 was 2,977 compared to 2,923 in January 2014.

More information about the statistics can be found on TB statistics section of the Defra website.